vrijdag 24 december 2010

It is almost christmas

Dear readers,

Tomorrow it's the first Christmas day, but I'll don't get any presents.But that's ok I don't need any.I'm just enjoying the 2 christmas days and watch some christmas movies and cartoons and...maybe horror movies muahahaha.Anyways,my mum is cooking some delicious dinner at that time so I can finally enjoy the evening (Christmas eve).I hope so that It's going to be a great day tommorow and after tomorrow.I don't have a christmas tree either, but I don't care, my house is pretty on it's on some beloved christmas pics for U:

donderdag 23 december 2010

Cuteness prevails!

Dear readers,

I just took a warm shower in the morning, so relaxing and I feel so fresh right now.I'm feeling so happy today and I hope it will stay like this.I decided to paint my hair redish/purple on my under layer of my hair, but I have to wait a few days.

Where is the Edge of your darkest emotions?

Dear Peepz,

One of my inspired songs of all time: where is the edge by Within Temptaion.I really symphonic metal.

It's the soundtrack of a movie based on the dissapearing of nathalie hollaway in Aruba.

Wake up and listen...

Dear readers,

I'm now eating some rice,so I can't type so much but I can show you some perfect photos I love;

woensdag 22 december 2010


Dear Readers,

23 februari 2010 was the best day of my live! why? because I've been to the Tokio Hotel concert of their new tour ''Welcome to humanoid city tour'' in Ahoy Rotterdam.I'll never forget that day.

'Too many lies. Too many lives. Too much pain. Too many chains. Too many tears. Too many fears.
Too much waste. Too much hate. Too many....Walls'
~ Bill Kaulitz. (World behind my wall)

My Winter Vacation.

Dear Readers,

I have vacation now (yeey finally) until next year.And it seems that I'm starting to enjoy this vacation.I had tons of beautiful dreams that makes me happy every morning.But I hate the cold snow that's still outside in the cold.On saturday the girlfriend of my bro is coming to change my house (painting buying new stuff etc.) i'm really looking forward to it.Plus, I recognize that I have to do much more thing for my blog, I mean, not only writing things that I've made it, But also posting new kind of stuff I discoverd or like on the internet.I have to eat my salad now.I will post more stuff today here on my official blog.

dinsdag 21 december 2010

Good night mate!

Dear People,

This is my last post for today,I'm crawling back into my bed.I'm seriously fucked up right now, and I need some sleep, dreaming about my boy.Tomorrow will come some brand new posts, but I can't promise you guys this.I just hope I have time to post something fun.But I'm going, CU ppl laterzz.
night night ;)



Dear Readers,
Finally I've took some new pics of myself today enjoy;

Hope U guys Like it 8B.

maandag 20 december 2010

Oh dear...

Dear readers,

I have watched so many massage videos and damn! It's soooo relaxing! from tantra to erotic.I love massages and I'm good in it too.Want a massage? I'll be there for ya :P

Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schafer

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