About me

My name is Melissa Aka StereoZebra but you can also call me 'Lissy' or 'Melly'.I was born in Rotterdam,The netherlands on 30th march 1996, but I soon moved to Amsterdam,the capital city.I'm actually really short for my age (1.51m) but I'm proud of it.My origins are Singapore,Germany & Ecuador, so that means that I'm not dutch! I'm a drummer and photographer, and I really love what I do.One of my favorite artists is Tokio Hotel a german band from Magdeburg,they really inspired me.I've been a vegetarian since I was 10.The reason: Because I love animals and I don't want to support animal abuse by eating them.I'm also against fur and leather.Fake and real is the same for me.My friends call me a Leprechaun because of my length, but don't worry they mean it funny.Besides drumming and photography, I write fanfiction.My mind is full of fantasies.I hope you guys learned something about me.