zondag 19 december 2010

Another morning has come,

Dear Readers,

Well, this is my first entry of the day.My cat had woken me up with her nose so sweet of her, but after that she puked under my bed.I dunno what to do now I don't have any time to clean it,but she was puking like for 3 days now heavy.I should buy her some kitty grass at the pet store, maybe that would help.
I'm a lil bit shy to tell you guys what's my dream all about today...Yes it's about someone I really love, and he's famous and a few ages older than me.Even though I don't see him so much in real time, He still means alot to me

He's the one that always makes me smile.It sounds weird but it is true though.People I love are really Important to me.Family,friends and even pets.they all mean the world to me.I'm still single now, and yes my heart is still feeling empty....have you ever had that strange thing that, somebody you love already has a girlfriend/boyfriend? Yeah? well, same with me.It is a difficult feeling, but you have to accept those things in life you know...maybe that person already is happy with his/her relationship.Another thing is, that many of you people have annouying fella's around you, that always annoy you and just can't leave you alone the perfect way is being sarcastic to them and ignore them.Let them feel it, so they won't do it again.

Everybody has sarcasm in her/his.And that means me too.I think acting sarcastic to a person you hate is normal,I have that everytime ;) even animals are sarcastic when they feel irretaded.I can see it in their eyes.
But animals are ppl's best friend.Animals are all around us, and what about this: we humans are animals (mammals) without animals the're will me no life on earth like now.You have to appereciate those kind of forms.Being an animal friend means so much to me.Everytime I look in the eyes of my cat, there apears a big smile on that face of mine.I couldn't imagine a life wothout my dear friend.

 Haha, I love this one <3

 Those pics above seem so cute ^^.
here some others who made my day:

This one is true.

 this was my inspired entry this morning.write to you later 'xX

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